Project World School | Worldschooling Master Class – 2024
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Worldschooling Master Class – 2024

Filmed in February  2024


Worldschoolers – 3 hour Masterclass!

Just starting out on your worldschooling journey? Seasoned worldschooler? Somewhere in between?





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Join mother and son team Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel pioneers, for this MUST-NOT-MISS 3 hour workshop learning the do’s and don’ts of worldschooling. Lainie set out with then 10 year old Miro for what was to be a 1 year journey. That turned into a 15 year journey. 

Now Lainie and Miro live in Mexico and support other families, teens and students around the world.



Miro literally grew up living nomadically and learning on the road!

Learn everything you need to know about:

  • Trip Planning & Logistics
  • Education & Learning on the Road
  • Running a Business Together
  • Creating a Strong Family Culture
  • Creating Community



Don’t leave home without having these skills..



Live call includes Q & A, course pdfs, materials and 1 year access to the recording

Financial investment only $25 USD


Register NOW – Space Limited!