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Worldschooling & Ethics

Worldschooling & Ethics

In 2018, Project World School co-founders Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel were asked to give a presentation at the California Homeschooling Conference on the topic of ‘Worldschooling and Ethics’. The links below represent the content from their research and presentation.

The pair spent a lot of time and effort researching for this presentation and after having given the talk, Lainie and Miro were asked to publish the talk info in an article format. For the sake of readability we’ve posted the research into 9 separate articles, links below. Before reading, if you still need some clarity around “what is worldschooling” please visit this page first.

These are topics that all participants explore during every Project World School teen retreats. If you are already worldschooling or simply interested in starting, please consider the following information and always create dialogue within your own family, friends and community. Below are the links to the Worldschooling & Ethics series articles:

Worldschooling & Ethics – Worldviews

Worldschooling & Ethics – Cultural Tourism

Worldschooling & Ethics -Respectful Cultural Immersion

Worldschooling & Ethics – Worldschooling and Environmental ConsiderationS

Worldschooling & Ethics – Economic Considerations

Worldschooling & Ethics –Political Considerations

Worldschooling & Ethics – Privilege

Worldschooling & Ethics – Responsible Travel Practices

Worldschooling & Ethics -Exercises in Ethical Worldschooling

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