Project World School | Week One with PWS, Check!
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Week One with PWS, Check!

Week One with PWS, Check!

The past week has been work, work, work, and filled with laughter and bonding. We have been creating programs, maps, gift bags, name tags, letters, crafts and games for the Family Summit and Mexico Teen Retreat. This is my happiest work. I am so grateful and rejuvenated working with Project World School, a company that really cares about everyone involvIMG_6827ed and making everything as great as it can be. Living with them in this little apartment in Playa Del Carmen is a joy and a true learning experience.

Tonight we pick up the rest of the volunteers from the airport. They will help us this upcoming week with running the kid’s camp, recording sessions, and working with local companies to secure deals for all of our registered participants for the Family Summit. I am so excited to meet them and work with them! It will definitely be interesting to see how everyone works together and lives together for sure. 

It’s growing on me how fantastiIMG_6821c it is to be a worldschooler. We talk to some families that are moving every month or every year to locations all over the world, and the  joy in their lives is so beautiful to witness and partake in. Communicating with the families coming to this Summit is so exciting because they are all so diverse and are bringing so much to the community. Wow! Even just a week here living with worldschoolers and being one myself is opening my eyes and mind to so many possibilities for the long term future; maybe I’ll learn to sail and will travel the world by sailboat, or I will walk El Camino de Santiago and the Pacific Crest Trail, or I will learn to cook from cultures all over the world. The opportunities as a worldschooler are endless!

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