Project World School | Volunteering with Coco’s Animal Welfare
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Volunteering with Coco’s Animal Welfare

Volunteering with Coco’s Animal Welfare

Written half way through a day of volunteering for Coco’s:10626470_1143491355662079_7208067929841078566_n

Volunteering at Coco’s Animal Welfare is a beautiful experience. We are here helping with all aspects of the spay and neutering clinic. Some of the teens are helping the surgeons prepare for surgery, some are helping kittens wake up from anesthesia, some are playing with already awake cats, and one (myself) is allergic to cats and helping with the cleaning. 

The clinic has just come off the high of a fundraiser yesterday and is back in full swing! They expect around 20 surgeries a day, and are staffed with 8 wonderful, kind, people. They have 3 doctors, their mascot (a fat cat named Alice) and 4 other people that help with everything else that could be needed here. As Janice, one of the doctors, puts it, “We all help with everything around here. Sometimes I am doing surgery, sometimes I’m helping c12718153_1143490765662138_5166157765981742092_nlean and prepare the animals, and sometimes I am doing outreach to help the community”. 

The teens are having a fabulous time working with the animals and seeing the process of spaying and neutering works. We have a wonderful mentor, 19 year old Diego, who has been working with Coco’s since his 18th birthday. He is teaching us how to do all of our jobs: cleaning, preparing the animals, playing with the animals, and even painting some of the walls. Thank you Diego!  

Written 3 days after volunteering:12729097_1143491168995431_3892921955439714625_n

It has been a few days now since our day of volunteering for them, and we find absolute delight in seeing Coco’s Animal Welfare donation boxes around town and making sure everyone knows how great they are. There is a wonderful woman that makes Mexican peso jewelry and donates all of the proceeds to Coco’s. This wonderful company needs all the donations they can get though, so make sure you help them out!

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