Project World School | Thank You! And You! And YOU!
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Thank You! And You! And YOU!

Thank You! And You! And YOU!

Phew! We just arrived back in Lima, Peru after 24 hours of travel from Amsterdam. What an incredible trip!


Lainie and Miro gave a TEDx Talk, we visited museums galore, got to catch up with our European friends, make new friends, and immerse ourselves in Dutch culture. We were able to finally meet Mel and Biggi, the producers of Conscious Consumer Network, where Lainie has her show For The Love of Learning. And we even got to visit a democratic school!



There is no way we could have done it all on such short notice without all of the generous donations through our GoFundMe campaign. We want to extend a personal thank you to each and every person that donated and gave us their well wishes.

Jinkie Echols

Julie Genovese

Susan Blatt

Gerry Kirk (Florious Living)

Patti Clark

Cliff Johnston

Rhoni Speed

Kim Crawford

Erik Reiter

Jen Sparks

Scott Van Pelt

Dave Vyas

Sheree Rose

Karen Dematos

Life Without Instructions Conference

Catherine Markee

Melody Templeton

Tania Tengan

Eric Pudil

Kat Kolegas

Cynthia Frost

Jeff Haskell

Andrea Sinclair

Lisa Biesemeyer

Michelle Bach

Azizi Birkeland

Ron Milovanovic

Teresa DeMarco

Natalie Anne

Aleksandra Malycha

This was Miro and my first time in Europe, and it was seamless and an incredible experience for the both of us. The opportunity for Lainie and Miro to give a TEDx talk was incredible enough, but to be able to do it in such a gorgeous place made the experience all the better. Because of all of the donations we were able to  enjoy the new country and the new culture for almost 3 weeks! We are all extremely grateful for that.

Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!

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