Project World School | Thailand – Adventure & Culture – 20 Day Learning Community
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Thailand – Adventure & Culture – 20 Day Learning Community

November 2- November 21, 2023


Thailand  Retreat

November 2 – November 21, 2023

A 20-day learning community retreat taking place in Thailand complete with world-class adventure sports, Thai cooking, massage, tai chi and exploration of the Thai culture in both the north and the south of the country. We will give back to the community by volunteering at an elephant rescue in Chiang Mai for a full week. 


Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage, Thailand features a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand’s “land of smiles” reputation.

During Project World School’s 20-day temporary learning community retreat, we will immerse ourselves deep within the culture and customs and build community, learn to cook the flavors of Thai cuisine and find peace through yoga and Tai Chi. This trip promises to be a holistic educational experience as we take part in adventure, culture, service, and encompassing both mind/body activities.  

Participants must be ready to push their comfort zones both physically and mentally as we expand our world views in community.

The Project World School Thailand Experience  is an active retreat, including  kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling, adventures. Together we will practice the art of Tai Chi and yoga, as a way to ground ourselves in this beautiful land.

In the spirit of all Project World School retreats, we are not a typical study abroad program as we take advantage of the power of a learning-community to produce collaborative goals, knowledge acquisition, personal development, and changes in global perspectives. This is one you don’t want to miss. Join us in Thailand!

Eastern Philosophy0%
Traditional Arts0%


  • 01 WHEN

    November 2-21, 2023

  • 02 WHERE

    Thailand, Chaing Mai + Krabi Provence

  • 03 WHO

    8 or more participants (ages 14-20) self-directed learners, unschooolers, homeschoolers & worldschoolers

  • 04 COST

    $3550 Early bird, before February 1st, 2023
    $3,850 After February 1st, 2023

  • 05 STATUS

    Open & Accepting Applications


  • Full accommodations for the duration of the learning community retreat
  • All transportation from Bangkok to the Krabi Province & Chaing Mai and all day trips
  • All ground transportation
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinners during the retreat
  • All workshops, talks, and classes throughout the retreat
  • Community
  • Fun!

•  International airfare
•  Laundry
•  Snacks
•  Souvenirs
•  Other personal items
•  Meals on travel days (arrival & departure)
•  International flights from your home country to each retreat location are not included


All meals consist of the local flavors of Thailand. Breakfasts will consist of croissants, eggs, waffles and juice. Lunches will be a combination of local dishes, including spring rolls, pad thai and other local flavors. On the days we have all full-day outings, we’ll prepare for the trip by stopping and picking up street food and snacks. Dinners will be a combination of self-prepared meals in our bungalows and dinners from local restaurants and stalls. We will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s diet restrictions including having vegetarian and gluten-free options. Please indicate any special needs on your application.


In the Krabi Province, we will be staying at Chong Pli Climbing Camp & Bungalows. There will be two participants per bungalow, each with their own bed. We will be taking a two night overnight trip to the Ko Yao Island. There, we stay at a place called Nam Tok Bungalows (nam tok=waterfall).  It is in the village of Thao Khow. There are 3 types of accommodation here: Bamboo bungalows, traditional Thai wooden bungalows on the hill, and more modern cement bungalows.

In Chiang Mai, (both in the city and at the Elephant Nature Park) we will be staying in somewhat rustic communal sleeping spaces.


What to Bring?

You’ll be gone for a month, and for those of you who haven’t traveled for long periods of time, we’ve prepared this list in case you might need some assistance with deciding what you should pack. So here it is, our packing list ‘suggestions‘!  Our recommendation to you is not to over do it. You’ll have to haul everything you pack around initially, and there are weight restrictions through all airlines. Also, keep in mind you will be living in shared space. There will be laundry available, and you will be able to purchase replacement shampoos, lotions, etc. during the trip, so no need to haul around ‘family size’ bottles of anything.

NOTE: Remember the list below is a suggested list! Feel free to modify, based on your own needs. 


1 Long Sleeve Shirt
1 Long pants (I would recommend wearing this on the plane)
4 T-shirts (one should be a formal shirt)
2 bathing suits
3 shorts
1 raincoat
1 sunhat with a brim
Sandals (You’ll be wearing these 90% of the time!)

Personal items / Toiletries

tooth paste & toothbrush
shampoo & conditioner
insect repellant
travel towel


small flashlight
laptop computer
mp3 player/iPod
Thai outlet convertor


copy of passport
water bottle
day pack
anything you will need to lead a session
tiny first aid kit
duct tape
laundry bag
small padlock
ATM card
small journal or notepad and pens
musical instrument
costume, wigs, funky hats, etc. (if you are into that sort of thing)
sketch book





Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok; night at airport hotel
Day 2: Night train to Chiang Mai
Day 3: Icebreakers and Improv and Street Food, oh my!
Day 4: Visit Ban Roi An Phan Yang Museum
Day 5: Explore Wat Phra That Doi Suthep & Traditional Cooking Class
Day 6: Visit Waterfall and Rice Fields, Traditional Dancing Class
Day 7: Visit Local Studios on an Art Tour
Day 8: Visit WWII museum, arrive at Elephant Rescue Park
Day 9: Volunteer Work at Elephant Rescue Park
Day 10: Sunday Night Market
Day 11: Last Opportunity for Shopping and Exploration before flying to Krabi


Day 12: Fly to Krabi; transfer to Chong Pli Bungalows; sunset at the beach
Day 13: Rock Climbing- analogy for life
Day 14: Thai Massage Class
Day 15: Railay Beach – Day long climbing & hiking excursion

Day 16: Morning- Mindful movement workshop; Afternoon- Thai Boxing
Day 17: Klong Muang Beach in the morning; relax afternoon; evening to Tiger Cave temple- night market 

Day 18: Kayaking
Day 19: Beach Day & Farewell Dinner

Day 20: Morning flight to Bangkok -Departure back to your home countries (afternoon / evening flights)








* Schedule is subject to change


Miro Siegel is an 23 year old traveler and youth facilitator for Project World School. His learning is self directed and influenced by the ever changing world around him. To him, this is Worldschooling. He is interested in, and is an advocate for children’s rights, travel as education and a spearhead of the Worldschooling movement that he and his mother helped create. Miro Siegel traveled to Amsterdam in April, 2016 to present at the TEDxAmsterdamED conference and to bring a slightly more ‘unconventional’ view to the table. In 2017, Miro attended the Youth Global Changemakers Summit in Switzerland, one of 60 delegates selected from over 6000 applicants. He aspires to bring cultural awareness and immersion to more people, because he truly believes that travel can bring peace to the world and inspire learning without measure. Miro is passionate about world politics, history, mythology and rock climbing.


Inspired by his grandfather’s expression, “If you don’t do it yourself, no one’s going to do it for you”, Fer loves learning new ways of creating and sharing experiences through art.

Fer is twenty seven years old, an avid watercolor enthusiast, digital artist, film maker and print maker. He believes creativity is the optimal way of sharing life, love and knowledge and ultimately connecting to one’s humanity.

Resident of Guanajuato, México, Fernando graduated from the Art School at the University of Guanajuato in 2018.

As a visual creator, he is interested in storytelling using whatever media is available and strives to always push his creative boundaries. His focus remains an emphasis on the human experience.

Fer believes that sharing is an important tool to creating community and as a facilitator of Project World School  teen retreats and now our newest Transformative Mentoring for Teens Hero’s Journey Retreat, Fer hopes to guide teens to feel at ease and provide a safe space for them to access their innate creativity.


Lainie Liberti is a renowned author, speaker, community leader, and advocate for alternative education. She is considered a pioneer in the worldschooling movement and founded Transformative Mentoring for Teens in 2020 to help support the mental health of adolescents. In 2022, Lainie released her first book, “Seen, Heard & Understood,” which quickly became a best-seller in the Parenting New Releases category on Amazon. Lainie is also the co-founder and facilitator of Project World School, which offers retreats for teens to create temporary learning communities around the world. Through her experiences living with teens in over 20 international locations, Lainie has developed a unique perspective on the importance of personalized learning and supporting young people’s mental health during difficult times. Her work has helped parents, caregivers, and teens themselves build stronger relationships, achieve personal growth, and succeed in life by providing valuable insights, research-backed tools, and practical strategies.