Project World School | Internship Opportunity with Project World School
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Internship Opportunity with Project World School


Project World School is looking for interns! We take on new interns for 3-6 month periods at a time. While with us, the interns work closely with us to organize and create temporary learning communities in different places in the world, help manage social media and create content for the Project World School site. 

The Project World School intern will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of business, marketing and promotion through hands-on real-world experience. During your internship, you will help co-facilitate our fabulous teen retreats. Our interns have the opportunity to travel with the Project World School team, make important connections and build lasting relationships. Seriously, life with Project World School is always filled with adventures and surprises.

Project World School is looking for a young adult that wants to push themselves to their next level, learn and work hard. You will be challenged, mentored and empowered. (Did we mention, you will be challenged?) You will innovate opportunities based on your ideas, foster business relationships, spear-head the social media and work closely with Lainie to execute marketing and branding campaigns.

During Project World School retreats, you will be expected to be the go-to for First Aid needs, for a positive attitude, for late nights and early mornings and for support from participants. 

What do we want in an intern?

  • Has previously attended at least one Project World School retreat
  • First Aid Certified
  • Passion for writing or video editing
  • Attention to detail
  • Interest in entrepreneurship
  • Interest in education, learning communities and travel
  • Must be able to financially support themselves for the months that are not spent as a volunteer during a retreat


What will you gain from the internship?

  • A business, marketing, writing and video editing mentorship
  • Travel experience, living abroad for 3-6 months in different countries
  • Will learn how to facilitate a temporary learning community
  • The chance to experience communities of travelers and alternatively educated adolescents


This is an unpaid internship. You will be expected to work 5 days a week on a variety of tasks while having weekends off to explore or take trips. During the months of your internship, you will be expected to support yourself financially when retreats are not in session. Living costs will be yours to manage, generally ranging from $500 – $1000 a month during non-retreat time.  If we travel from one country to another during your internship, this too is your responsibility to cover. You will pay a portion of rent, living expenses and food. During the retreats, you will not be responsible for any additional costs as 100% of your expenses will be covered by Project World School. 

Supporting yourself will look like:

  • Managing your own living expenses
  • Rent at various hostels and apartments
  • Paying for your own meals and/or contributing to the household food expenses
  • Any activities you choose to partake in during free time
  • Flights to and from the internship

Endorsement from our previous intern, Katie Mitchell

“I loved working with Project World School! Through my six and a half months with them, I pushed my comfort zones and grew so much as a person. Lainie mentored me in many fields and I can easily say this was the best way I could have ever spent my senior year. I had the opportunity to work on three different retreats as well as facilitate a section of their Family Summit, travel to Europe and live in Peru for three months, a dream come true!”
~Katie Mitchell


Tell us why you’re right for this position! We want to hear from you in either a 1000 word essay or a video 2 minutes in length telling us what you think you will bring to Project World School, what you want to get out of this internship and what has prepared you for this position.

Send your application/submission to us here.