Project World School | Fund a Scholarship
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Fund a Scholarship

At Project World School, we would like to break the financial barriers that stop so many learners from traveling, and we would like to start a scholarship fund to assist teens and young adults who are limited financially.

One of the duties of our prestigious board of advisers is to select who receives the scholarship with a fair and unbiased selection process.  We have funded one partial scholarship in the past and we see the benefits to opening up these opportunities to those who may not be able to afford attending one of our learning retreats. Our vision is inclusive and it is never our intention to exclude based on financial circumstances, and it is in this vision that we ask you to consider donating to our scholarship fund.

Who gets the scholarships?

There will be an application process through which our board will make an unbiased decision on who receives the scholarships.

Here are a few ideas of how you can help us bring this idea to fruition:

•  Donate directly to Project World School.


•  Are you getting married, have an anniversary coming up, or retiring and already have everything you need? In lieu of considering presents, encourage family and friends to make a financial gift in your name to our fund.


•  Are you a business owner? Maybe commit to dedicating a percentage of your profits to assist in growing our scholarship fund.

You can contact us here if you have any questions. Thank you so much!

How much of the donations go to the students?

Every single cent of the donations go directly towards funding a student’s travels, in your name.