Project World School | Project World School’s Teens, LIVE FROM ECUADOR
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Project World School’s Teens, LIVE FROM ECUADOR

Project World School’s Teens, LIVE FROM ECUADOR

 For the Love of Learning Episode #16

Show Title:

Live from Project World School’s Teen Learning Community

Monday May 18, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday May 19, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST

Special Guests:

The Project World School Teens

Show Description:

This week we have the special opportunity to speak with a group of 11 participants of the Project World School Teen Temporary Learning Community live, in Ecuador! The group has flown in from across the planet to share an immersive learning experiences only possible in this singular point on the planet and in this particular time to  form an intentional temporary learning community. The group of teens will share their experiences so far during the first week of the “retreat” and explain what social, immersive and experiential learning looks and feels like.

Tune in for this very special live show, a true example of alternative education.



 What is Project World School?

Project World School, co-creates temporary learning communities around the world so that teens and families can gain a group educational experience. Project World School was founded by mother and son Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel, who have traveled the world for over five years. Considering themselves to be “accidental unschoolers”, both have learned tremendously from their worldschooling experiences. Through their journeys, they were inspired to collaborate with other worldschoolers. From this desire, Project World School was born.

Teens and guides collaborate to achieve the learning experience, enjoying natural and academic learning. Fostering social learning, teamwork, leadership, and immersive cultural experiences, Project World School supports and fulfills the needs of participants while creating strong connections to other participants, education, and the environment. Teens who participate are inspired to continue their world travel and education.

Project World School organizes retreats around the world. PWS will host community learning events in areas such as Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, US and Thailand over the next year and a half. Participants will enjoy topics such as surfing, marine biology, conservation in the Amazon jungle, archeology and history in Cusco & the Sacred Valley, and more.





Lainie Liberti

As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

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For comments, questions, suggestions or if you’d like to be guest on the show, please contact us here.

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