Project World School | Project World School Family Summit Talk Series- Renee Martyna
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Project World School Family Summit Talk Series- Renee Martyna

Project World School Family Summit Talk Series- Renee Martyna

During the  Project World School Family Summit that took place in Puerto Morelos, Mexico earlier this year, we were  inspired by an incredible group of speakers who shared their thoughts on education, family, travel and parenting. This is the third in the recorded series:

Co-working and Co-learning: Synergies and Opportunities for Knowmadic families.

During this Talk…

Renee explores the symbiotic relationship between the coworking and worldschooling movements, and how they intersect in what Hubud calls “the future of living, working and learning differently”– also known as conscious coworking. She tells stories of how this is already happening in Bali, and share her plans for building a platform to help families make the world their campus, while supporting their lifestyle financially.


What is the Project World School Family Summit?

A conference style gathering for worldschooling, homeschooling,  unschooling families (and those just curious) in the magical Merida, located in Yucatan.  Experience the culture, flavors, and rhythms of Mexico’s cultural hub.  Gather with other families and celebrate learning from the world with new friends and old. Participate in sessions exploring issues surrounding education, travel and family. Share your experiences, connect and learn.

Renee Martyna is a former UN aid worker turned serial social entrepreneur who has lived and worked in 9 countries and traveled through dozens more. She is also the mother of two worldschooling boys. She and her husband Steve started Hubud, Bali’s first community coworking space so that people could live, work and learn differently and change the way the world does business. It has become a home for Knowmads, and all other manner of location independent agents, including worldschooling families. And the ideas, especially around the future of learning, are flying! That’s why she wants to get worldschooling, greenschooling and coworking communities co-creating education futures at the Shift.Ed Festival they are holding in 2017.  You can follow her families travels and get links to things they like on their Knowmads: LIVE WORK LEARN facebook page.  

Renee Martyna is the mother of two worldschooling kids, the partner of a serial social entrepreneur, a former aid worker and the co-owner of Hubud– a community coworking space in Bali.

Join us 2017! Click for more information:

Mexico – Project World School Family Summit 2017

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