Project World School | Project World School Family Summit Talk Series- Kate Green
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Project World School Family Summit Talk Series- Kate Green

Project World School Family Summit Talk Series- Kate Green

During the  Project World School Family Summit that took place in Puerto Morelos, Mexico earlier this year, we were  inspired by an incredible group of speakers who shared their thoughts on education, family, travel and parenting. This is the fourth in the recorded series:

Worldschool/Unschool/Homeschool: How to optimize your child’s individual learning journey into university acceptance.

Session Description: 
What about college? How will they ever get into university? After the big “S” question (socialization), it seems the higher education question is the primary one asked by extended family members, doubting friends, or even the well-meaning lady in the checkout line at Walmart. And that is when your child is age 5. We are often plagued with questions about how our children will be able to step into “normal” life if we raise them to think outside the box and live and learn creatively.

The assumption is that once they grow up, all that freedom will stymie their ability to become a functioning student in university. Well that is simply not true. The research does not back this up, my couple of decades teaching in higher education doesn’t back that up, and my personal experience with three of my five children doesn’t back that up.

During this session, I will share how to easily document your child’s high school experiences and reformulate those into a package that will be understandable to US admissions officers. This includes how to capture your state requirements for graduation and apply those to the myriad things your family has learned. I will describe how to help your child write admissions letters that capture the spirit of what many of us in the worldschooling community believe in. And I will share stories of my own children’s journey and those of many of my friends in the unschooling world’s process of getting into universities and being successful.



kategreenDr. Kate Green has been an educator since the age of three, when she assisted the nursery school teacher in requiring all children to wear bibs and sit down to eat! She has taught all levels of school from pre-school through elementary in public and private institutions, worldschooled/unschooled her own five children for the last 23 years, and taught higher education in community colleges, four-year institutions, and at the masters and doctorate level. Kate has been part of various new program and institution developments both online and f2f, internationally and in the United States for education and business (consultant and writer for Disney and Scholastic). Kate has a PhD in human ecology (child development), MS in educational leadership, BS in psychology, and AA degrees in public relations and journalism. She has taught in the fields of education and psychology and is currently a founding Dean at International Horizons College in Dubai and a lead faculty member at Capella University where she oversees an online master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and instructs doctoral students in research methods, educational methods, and mentors PhD and EdD students through their dissertations.

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