Project World School | Project World School announces the launch of its Board of Advisors
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Project World School announces the launch of its Board of Advisors

DECEMBER 10, 2014


CONTACT Lainie Liberti, Co-Founder


LIMA, PERU: Project World School (PWS), Producer of Month-Long International Learning Community Retreats for Homeschooled Teens, announced today the launch of its Board of Advisors.

The Board of Advisors is comprised of well-known visionaries in education, futurists, writers, entrepreneurs, high tech professionals and life long learners. Board members include:

Dr. Bernard Bull, Assistant Vice President of Academics and Associate Professor of Education, Concordia University (Mequon, Wisconsin)

Idzie Desmarais, Writer, Activist & Grown Unschooler (Montreal, Quebec)

Dr. Aimee Ferraro, PhD, MPH, faculty at Walden University’s School of Public Health, (Lima, Peru)

Jen Laubscher, Computer Education Specialist and PBL Teacher Trainer/ Coach (Syracuse, New York)

Jim Sabo, Vice President of Technology (Los Angeles, California)

Kevin Sabourin , Consultant, Co-coordinator of the Rethinking Everything Conference (Treasure Island, Florida)

Heather Schlegal, Social Scientist, Futurist (Los Angeles, California)

Read more about our Board of Advisors here:

In announcing the formation of the Board of Advisors, Project World School’s Co-Founder Lainie Liberti stated, “The individuals making up the Board of Advisors have decades of combined wisdom and insight surrounding alternative education, learning and community development. PWS is honored to have them as advisors and visionaries as we move forward building a movement within the alternative education arena.”

PWS has hosted international learning communities for homeschooled and unschooled teenagers from the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil since 2012, providing immersive learning opportunities for its participants throughout South America including locations in Peru’s Sacred Valley, the Amazon Jungle, and Ecuador’s Coast. The PWS temporary learning communities merge immersive learning experiences with personal and social development focusing on global citizenship, cultural sensitivity, exploring ethics and conflict resolution in real world situations. Project World School utilizes the power of a learning community to produce a project driven by goals, knowledge acquisition, and changes in a global perspective designed for the teen learner.

PWS co-creators are Americans Lainie Liberti and her 15 year old son Miro Siegel, who have traveled and world-schooled since 2009 when Miro was 10 years old. They co-author the popular blog and podcast Raising Miro on the Road of Life and for now, reside in Peru.

For a full program description, application and Board of Advisor biographies please visit