Project World School | Learning Communities for Teens Change the Meaning of International Travel
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Learning Communities for Teens Change the Meaning of International Travel

JANUARY 30, 2015


CONTACT Lainie Liberti, Co-Founder


LIMA, PERU, JANUARY 30, 2015 – Homeschoolers have long delved into local cooperatives to branch out and experience further social and educational opportunities, but one relatively new type of co-op is bringing the community learning experience to a global stage for teens and parents everywhere.

Learning communities are groups of like-minded individuals who meet sporadically to conduct classwork and educational activities. These groups share similar attitudes and academic goals and are found around the world. In particular, worldschooling families are tapping into the learning community platform to provide group learning experience for their teens. For families who travel for work or pleasure, homeschooling transforms into worldschooling. This method of learning sets the stage for children, teens, and young adults to experience cultural immersion and learning around the world. Combining this platform with learning communities provides an educational experience like no other.

One organization, Project World School, co-creates temporary learning communities around the world so that worldschooling teens can gain a group educational experience. Project World School was founded by mother and son Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel, who have traveled the world for 7+ years. Considering themselves to be “accidental unschoolers”, both have learned tremendously from their worldschooling experiences. Through their journeys, they were inspired to collaborate with other worldschoolers. From this desire, Project World School was born.

Teens and guides collaborate to achieve the learning experience, enjoying natural and academic learning. Fostering social learning, teamwork, leadership, and immersive cultural experiences, Project World School supports and fulfills the needs of participants while creating strong connections to other participants, education, and the environment. Teens who participate are inspired to continue their world travel and education. One recent participant, Wiley, age 16, said, “I guess the retreat really rekindled my travel bug, i kinda want to go everywhere and see everything, immerse myself in every culture possible.”

Project World School organizes retreats around the world, and the schedule for 2016/2017 recently went live. PWS will host community learning events in areas such as Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand over the next year and a half. Participants will enjoy topics such as surfing, marine biology, the Amazon Jungle, Cusco & the Sacred Valley, and more. Anyone interested in becoming a part of the Project World School community can submit an application through the organization’s website. In addition, participants can remain up-to-date on upcoming retreats by signing up for the PWS newsletter. More information is available at

About Project World School

Founded by Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel, mother and son, Project World School coordinates immersive learning events around the world for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and democratic learners alike.


Lainie Liberti, Co-Founder

Project World School