Project World School | Participant Post – Austin Pleban
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Participant Post – Austin Pleban

Participant Post – Austin Pleban

I came into this retreat basically not knowing anyone.
I didn’t really connect with anyone until I turned 19, on that day I was missing family and I was on the roof trying to stay away for every one.
I knew that the group was goin12734238_1139134492764432_3764538355174183827_ng to do something for my birthday but I was scared about what it was going to be, then it was time for lunch so I had to go down because I was starving, that’s when I got the card… even though it was just everyone wishing me a happy birthday it made me feel so much better.
I woke up that day sad and depressed
By the end of the day the group had turned that day into the BEST BIRTHDAY of my life, they all were CRAZY awesome!!!!!

Turning 19 in Mexico surrounded by all these amazing people is the best experience of my life

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