Project World School | Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Justyna Wilk
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Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Justyna Wilk

Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Justyna Wilk

Some people claim to be passionate about dolphins, but not one single person has anything on this next 12795566_1148737215137493_2718753182648199793_naward winner! This award winner has gone so far to prove her undying love for dolphins by actually pretending to fall out of a boat for the chance to swim with them! This award winner wins the most positive attitude award, laughing with glee when someone brings her a fresh piece of fruit or dried cranberries. All in the community find great humor and joy in her quotes and points of view about the world around us, even if she claims her English isn’t perfect. She has the uncanny knack of learning everything quickly and believe she will soon be running the first Project World School retreat in Poland! The award for best dolphin enthusiast and all around positive attitude goes to Justyna!

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