Project World School | Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Erin Azcona-Beam
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Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Erin Azcona-Beam

Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Erin Azcona-Beam

The entire community has benefited from this award participant’s efforts and expertise. She has not only be12715794_1137953666215848_4741655784699670600_nen an in-house avocado masher, mixer, squeezer and taster she has also used her skills to create a strong community filled with amino acids and guacamole goodness. In essence, this award participant gives until it hurts. And it hurts most when there is no guacamole left in our giant bowl of shared green golden goodness. Speaking of green goodness.. this particular participant gives green, blue turquoise, and is able to modify our seawater filled locks to colorful rainbow bright hair. This award participant has a bright colorful future, always willing to share her heart and soul and loud rock music any time of day or night. Project World School has been informed, they better snatch her up for more learning community retreats before she is stolen by Top Chef or one of Mexico City’s rising restaurants. The award for excellence in guacamole making, community-bringer-together and hair coloring goes to Erin!

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