Project World School | Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Aloys Wilk
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Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Aloys Wilk

Mexico End of Retreat Awards – Aloys Wilk

This particular participant is hard to miss, even if you are as blind as Lainie without glasses! Cons12729310_1137949806216234_8602455925035598334_ntantly spotted with her signature multi-colored facial hair, she’s become a crowd pleaser among children, adults and teens alike, even a favorite of the world famous Nelson who adoringly admires this special breed! Sometimes this rare colorful species can be seen hanging in trees across the Mexican Riviera, speaking her native tongue, howler monkey moans or “kiss kiss” spider monkey calls. Sometimes this award winner can be found hiding on the roofs of various hotels and hostels often thrilling the locals alike. This award winner has the natural magical power of changing colors and styles of her mustache on a daily basis, a bold move that exudes confidence, almost as much as the speedo-clad Europeans display on beaches across the Riviera. The award for best mustaches, exuding confidence and hearty laugh goes to Aloys!

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