Project World School | Letter from your hosts – Important Info
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Letter from your hosts – Important Info

Hello Dear Worldschoolers!

We hope this message finds you well.

We are so happy to be announcing that the We Are Worldschoolers – Project World School Family Summit 2021 Mexico is happening and YOU ARE INVITED!

We are thrilled to be sharing this news with you and invite you to be part of the first worldschoolers official event in over a year! In 2021 community connection is more important than ever. Most worldschoolers have struggled in 2020, faced with the inability to travel, some being unable to return to their home countries after long lockdowns. Others have been locked down continuously while their countries struggle to get the numbers under control. Over the year, most families have felt isolated from one another, some have faced health & mental health challenges and every single worldschooler has dealt with so much uncertainty in the world around us.

As vaccinations become available and immunity levels increase among the population, we are serving our community in the manner in which you have asked. We understand not all worldschoolers are able to travel as travel restrictions are still strict in some places but for those who can we have organized a small community gathering so that our community can regroup, strategize and connect as we imagine worldschooling life in a post pandemic world.

We have organized a small gathering in Mexico, a country that has been welcoming travelers from around the world.

The town that we picked for our gathering is off the beaten path, a rural community adjacent to Zihuatanejo and populated by families, local fisherman, farmers and artisans. This area has struggled financially during the pandemic as their economy relies heavily on tourism income from those wanting to explore the bird sanctuary, and mangroves, the seven mile long white sandy beaches.

Here are the summit details:

The Project World School Family Summit – Mexico

May 31 – June 4, 2021**

Hotel Bella Vista, Playa Blanca, Zihuatanejo

More information and to register, please visit:​

**This event is limited to just 120 people

Project World School has partnered with a local young man named Bismark who has lived in this area all of his life since the pueblo’s inception just over 30 years ago. He introduced us to a small family run hotel who so are excited to receive our group. In fact, we have reserved the entire hotel including the small grounds, pool access, our conference facilities (which is their restaurant) and the beach to host our conference! You can find out more about the location at our website here:​​​

I was just in Zihuatanejo to visit the community, meet the locals and make the final arrangements.

Just a few days ago, Bismark and I met with the small Sea Turtle Rescue & Conservation Center called Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli whose mission is to protect and preserve the endangered native species of turtles and their habitats. They have a community education program which takes a bold stand to protect all endangered species of turtles from extinction.

Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli will be preparing an afternoon program for the kids attending our kids camp. They even said there is a possibility that our whole group may witness a turtle release based on the projected hatching of a nest that they are watching. Fingers crossed!!

You can learn about their organization here:​​

Also, during my short trip to Zihuatanejo, we visited El Refugio de Potosí. They are an education center geared towards educating both the local children about nature, science and the local biodiversity and offer university level immersive programs as well. They also have become an animal rescue center over the years, oftentimes caring for animals that have been rescued from the illegal animal trade. However due to the pandemic, they’ve been closed for a year. The founder Laurel so graciously opened up her doors to show us the center and may be willing to open up for our families on a limited scope, but as of this moment we are still working out details. (Oh, they have a 5 story tower we climbed to see the whole peninsula including views of the dry forest canopy, the surrounding lagoons and mangroves and even an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean!)


To learn more about this project, please visit:​​

Also I visited Amigos de Animales an incredible organization rescuing dogs and cats. Amigos de Animales is a registered Canadian charity who rescues suffering, hurt, abused and dying animals in rural Guerrero in Barra de Potosi and villages surrounding. They rehabilitate the animals and give them home in our shelter until the perfect permanent home is found. If no permanent home is found , they care for them for life. They also have an education program geared towards the community in rural Guerrero Mexico about animal care. They are really doing great work. I visited and met about 40 amazing dogs, (fell in love with the black puppy named Carlos) and checked out the cat rescue habitat with so many cats!! They take on volunteers, and I’m certain they’d love a visit (but not a massive group at once), support through donations, and adoptive families. The organization is walking distance from our Summit site, and we’ll organize visits if you are interested.

To learn more about them, please visit:​

I also had the privilege of meeting Eduardo, who founded Whale of Guerrero Research Project. Eduardo and his team provide educational experiences like whale watching, kayaking through the mangroves, boat excursions, all serving as a model for community-driven marine conservation and responsible ecotourism. I loved learning about his vision and decided to schedule a beach day on the Friday during our event so that those that want to explore with him will have the opportunity to do so (and those that want to stay on the beach can too.) To learn more about this organization, please visit:​

Other locals I met on my trip to this rural town were a Mexican salt farmer who excitedly invited our whole group to visit his farm and learn about this tradition. I also met several fisherman, restaurant owners, local families all who were so excited to receive our group!

We are so warmly welcomed by this community and know that our presence is helping many in unspoken profound ways.

We are charged and electrified with excitement and hope you are too.

If you wish to join us, please register TODAY as we are really limited to the amount of people we can host. We know the time to plan is short, but come on, we are worldschoolers, we are resilient AND resourceful! We got this!​

We can’t wait to see you in Zihuatanejo Mexico May 31st through June 4th! Can’t wait to be in community with you again! Can’t wait!! Can’t wait!! Can’t wait!!


Yours in community,

Lainie Liberti & Miro Siegel

Project World School | We Are Worldschoolers