Project World School | Internship concluded and Ready for the summit!
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Internship concluded and Ready for the summit!

Internship concluded and Ready for the summit!

This was my 3rd and last week of my internship with Project World School. What an adventure! So much goes into this operation, and it has been really neat to see and have been a part of the inner workings of it. In Playa del Carmen of all places! I can definitely add that to my list of cool things I have done.


With the summit approaching in two days, I’m able to reflect on my three weeks working with Lainie on Project World School. It’s been a full learning experience for me, all new stuff that I hadn’t had an application for until now! What had been most required of me was to write and research. I am decent at my “Google-fu” and had researched many different things many times before in my own unschooling endeavors, but I had never needed to write so much! I now write a custom bio, and if needed, edit a picture or video for each Project World School Instagram and Facebook post every day. 


I knew it was a lot of work that goes into Project World School, but actually being a part of it really shows the scale! At any given moment there is something to be done, an email to be replied to or a graphic to be made. Our days can always span past the 6-8 hours allotted to work. 


This was a new kind of work to me, I always had worked around food or construction, fulfilling short-term repetitive tasks and staying constantly moving. This time, my time was spent in front of my laptop, getting as much as I can get done on more open-ended writing, and image and video editing. 


This took some adjustment time and eventually led to some creative burn-out, which I was able to help by stepping out of the coworking space for a 5 minute break every hour. Unfortunately, I also ended up moving hastily in an effort to maintain a productive pace, and looked over some small yet important details, resulting in a few hiccups… Slow and steady! 


My internship is concluded now, but I will still be posting to the Project World School Instagram page! I feel like I’ve learned how to do things that I otherwise never would have ended up doing and learning unique skills that I can utilize anywhere. Thank you Project World School!

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