Project World School | Interning and Exploring in Playa del Carmen
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Interning and Exploring in Playa del Carmen

Interning and Exploring in Playa del Carmen

I arrived in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico about a week ago now. Being the thrifty penny-saver that I think I am, I took a red-eye flight from Tijuana. Disoriented, I stumbled off the ADO bus still excited to finally arrive in PDC. A town I’ve been hearing about and have been so excited to arrive in since I was invited to intern after the last Project World School family summit in Spain!


After a good night’s sleep, we got straight to work. The first task given to me was to create posts for the Project World School teen retreat Instagram page. I had to find unique videos to post then learn how to crop the videos to fit phone screens and overlay branding and quotes over pictures taken on the teen retreats. This took a little longer than I wanted or expected, but as soon as I made the first post I realized that I’m managing the social media for Project World School! I never paid much attention to how many likes or views my posts get, but seeing the likes roll in on that first post felt pretty good, I do admit.

Then came the weekend, I explored and enjoyed the town, food, and people with the small amount of spanish that I know. By this time I finally learned the ins and outs of the at first confusing bus and colectivo(a shared van with benches that takes you a little closer to a destination than a bus) system. 


This week, I’m finding online magazines and blogs that may have an interest in writing about Project World School and worldschooling in general. It’s incredibly interesting learning about Lainie’s past experience with the press and how she got in contact with writers. I feel like I’m learning invaluable networking, and public recognition information!


I’m so excited for these coming weeks in preparation for the Mexico summit!

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