Project World School | Help us help Cochahuasi!
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Help us help Cochahuasi!

Help us help Cochahuasi!

The Project World School 2018 Temporary Learning Community is returning to the Cochahuasi animal sanctuary for the 5th consecutive year to give back to our host community in the form of service.


Cochahuasi cares for and rehabilitates animals that have been rescued from poaching, illegal trading and outright abuse and focuses on the education of locals surrounding animal rights and conservation efforts.

To support our fundraising efforts, click this link. Donate to Cochahuasi Now!

Cochahuasi functions completely on donations and receives no government support. It is a family run organization which focuses only on the well-being of the various animals they house.

As the winter months approach, Cochahuasi co-founder Dante Chavez has begun raising money for the construction of enclosures and habitats for many of the animals, most of which are Vicuñas. Any money raised will go directly towards the construction expenses and will help provide quality shelter for the endangered animals.

Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary is trying to raise the equivalent of $750 USD and every little bit helps.

Two years ago, Project World School helped raise enough money to construct a habitat for an Anteojo bear cub that had been orphaned through illegal poaching.

To see more info about this project, click this link.




Animal Essentials – $300 USD

Noah Taylor – $25 USD

Miro Siegel – $50 USD

Rachel Gayne – $50 USD

Jean Churchill  – $20 USD

Robert Machado Jr – $100

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