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Hello Cusco!

Hello Cusco!

Hello Cusco!

We’re back.


The past two weeks have been frantic apartment hunting, relationship building, retreat organizing madness. It’s been exhilarating.

Now, I say “we’re back”, but really Lainie and Miro are back. This is my (Katie’s) first time here. And wow, I can understand why most people passing through for a week stay for a lifetime. Cusco is full of history, culture, amazing views, amazing people, and delicious food. I must say, the hills are a bit intense, but you get used to those too.

But let’s get to the good part, the reason you’re on the Project World School blog; the juicy behind-the-scenes for our upcoming Cusco retreat.

So far we have:

  • Switched our Lima hostel for the retreat to be Nomade’s Backpacker Hostel
  • Been offered WAY too many exciting day trips for the participants that we need to still narrow down from
  • Found the perfect vegan restaurant for our vegetarian and vegan participants
  • Booked all the flights from Lima -> Cusco and back again
  • Had at least 3 pajama days this week working on the little details (Who’s going to be our driver? Our cook for the long days?)
  • Secured our reservations for our homestay to learn how to prepare cuy, a traditional Peruvian dish (guinea pig)
  • Laughed a LOT

We are so excited to bring our fantastic group of teens here to explore the beauty and culture that Cusco has to offer.


Countdown to retreat: 1 month & 1 day 

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