Project World School | Day of Service at Cochahuasi Sanctuary
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Day of Service at Cochahuasi Sanctuary

Day of Service at Cochahuasi Sanctuary

Project World School includes at least one volunteer opportunity within each retreat. For the Cusco and the Sacred Valley Retreat this year, we volunteered with Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary in the Sacred Valley of Peru.


The sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and help rehabilitate animals native to Peru. All of the animals at the sanctuary are there because they were illegally trafficked, used illegally, or abused. Many of the exotic birds and even one of the large cats were even rescued from a night club. The sanctuary is home to 8 condors, a toucan, many big cats, llamas, tortoises, and now a Spectacled Bear. 


During our time with Cochahuasi we helped them to plant 50 trees, unload a truck load of sand, clean out various habitats and play with some of the animals. Every participant walked away from our 8 hours of volunteering with smiles on their faces and with pride in their hearts for the work we did. By the end of the day, there were 50 new native saplings planted on the property and the new bear habitat we helped with was prepared for the next step of building.

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Upon agreeing to work with the sanctuary for our day of service, we committed to fundraising money to donate 100 bags of sand to the new bear habitat they are building. We reached our goal! Many thanks to everyone who donated.

  1. Lainie & Miro -sponsoring 1 bag of cement
  2. Wiley Krishnaswami  -sponsoring 1 bag of cement
  3. Aleksandra Malycha – sponsoring 1 bag of cement
  4. Mary Hickcox – sponsoring 10 bags of cement
  5. Leanne Heggie – sponsoring 2 bags of cement
  6. Darla Brown – sponsoring 2 bags of cement
  7. Tania Tengan – sponsoring 6.6 bags of cement
  8. Kim Koppisch Polce – sponsoring 2 bags of cement
  9. The Sundance Familysponsoring 1 full truck of sand ($150)!
  10. Annie & Franc Joubran -sponsoring 74.66 bags of cement



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