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Creation Story – Katie Mitchell

Creation Story – Katie Mitchell

*Our participants wrote various creation mythology stories for Miro’s evening session and have opted to share them here on the Project World School blog*

Creation Story

*Plink* *plink*

Suddenly, there was rain. It was fresh and it was falling fast around me. The ground was brown and muddy.

Through the rain there was green springing up. There were plants that grew taller than me by the time I turned around. They smiled, they greeted me. “Welcome.”

I looked up and saw it fade from dark to light, the ball of light was smiling at me. “Welcome.”

I did not know what was going on, but I was surrounded by beings covered in soft fur. They purred, mooed, barked and gobbled. “Welcome.” They all said to me.

Thoughts began to form in my mind. What am I? Where am I? What is this? I was cold.

The ball of light that welcomed me winked and shot a ball of light down to me.


I was warm, I was alone, I was confused. Another being came to greet me. “Welcome. You are the first.”

The being sent knowledge into my head. It told me this was an experiment, a chance to see how fast the gods could create life. The gods are the ball of light and the plants that greeted me. They are here to make sure this place succeeds and supports life. I am the first, it told me.

I learned the names of the gods, Lux and Verta. I learned they are a team and are racing other teams of gods in the universe to create life. They wanted to win, and in order to do so, they needed to cover the entire land in life. They were moving rapidly.

I looked around me and saw plants shooting up to the blue sky and I saw more fur covered beings being born and crawling into the wet puddles from the rain. The gods were happy and feeling triumphant. I heard them debating creating more of my own kind. They decided to wait, they were afraid of me.

I stayed by my ball of warmth and did not know what to do. I thought the same thoughts as the fur covered beings and wished for more of my own kind. The gods could hear me, and granted my wish. They thought it will help them win their competition, and the Verta revealed a new being to me. It looked like me, but was timid. The gods encouraged more life, and we helped them to create it.

Soon, the world was covered in life. Green plants, rain puddles full of slippery movements, many fur beings on the land, and many such as myself and my partner. There was no quiet space, there was no barren land.

I remember asking the gods, “did we win?” “Did I help you?”

I was answered by horrible flashes of light thrown at me. We were too slow, we lost the competition against the universe. The gods were angry with us. They threatened to abandon us. And when I woke up the next morning, they were gone. The ball of light had no smile, the plants no longer laughed with me. We were abandoned on this land to fend for ourselves. Lux and Verta moved on to find a new game in the universe, a new form of life to create.

-Katie Mitchell

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