Project World School | Mission & Vision
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Mission & Vision


The mission of Project World School is to co-create a dynamic learning community. To accomplish this mission we:

•  Build a community in which exploring and discovery is the priority.

•  Affirm, inspire, and support each other as natural learning occurs.

•  Challenge thoughts, question the norms and push boundaries through a climate of trust and respect.

•  Orchestrate transformation in these ways: spiritual, emotional, creative, intellectual and beyond.

•  Explore through adventure, mystery, music, spontaneity and magic.

In turn, we ask each participant to agree to support the following intentions:

•  Create a learning community through participation in “learning” through our own experience.

•  Bring compassion, creativity and courage into our experiences.

•  Connect learning with sustainability (healthy food, local economy, cultural creativity and other essential aspects of harmonious living) in the context of this retreat.

•  Expand our understanding and knowledge and allow space for other ideas and concepts.

•  Connect our personal learning journeys in relationship to one another.

•  Expand and deepen intercultural dialogue and trust.

•  Develop our own individual truths and make space for other’s truths through respect.


We hold the vision sacred, to co-create a learning community through the participation of all attendees, of every age, nationality, role, and walk of life during this retreat. We participate within a collective learning community allowing inspiration to flow through unlimited natural learning channels. The environment and community encourages exploring new grounds, stretching our comfort zones, and supporting our new interests, with a commitment to dignity and respect.

Together we become conscious of our individual and collective worldviews within the context of our immersive experience. In the broader picture, we witness uncharted learning experiences that help expand individual and group identities within a cultural context serving to empower the creative human spirit.

The goal is to engage all participants and encourage participation through multidisciplinary reflection, dialogue, vision-building, experimentation and exploration.


Our highest vision for Project World School is to be a catalyst for change, transforming individual world views that effect our collective perceptions of humanity. We do this through hosting immersive cultural learning experiences that promote personal development within the context of a global learning community.


We envision a time when Project World School becomes an integral part of the self-directed learner’s adolescence. We envision a world where these teens go back to their homes and communities to make changes, share greater cultural awareness, and become thought leaders.


Project World School retreats will become a network of temporary learning communities throughout the world to encourage interaction before, during and after the month long events.