Project World School | About Project World School
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Serving Teens Through the Pandemic

During 2020 while the world stayed at home,  Project World School Co-Founder Lainie Liberti has launched a new way to serve teens, Transformative Mentoring for Teens. Do you have a teen who is struggling? Having a hard time making sense of all of the current changes in the world? Struggling with anxiety, depression, finding focus or just checking out? Please consider joining our The 12-Week Transformation Course for Teens focused on sharing tools to meet these challenges. Also, 1:1 mentoring / coaching available for teens. We also just added an 8 Week Course for Tweens at your request,  We are here to help, providing teens & tweens  with powerful tools for life.

Project World School is…

inspiring temporary learning communities around the world.

Teens and young adults are invited to participate in Project World School‘s immersive learning events around the world. Designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers and democratic learners alike, we offer immersive multi-day retreats formed as Temporary Learning Communities. Each retreat utilizes the enigmatic landscape of our host country as the canvas for exploration and discovery.

The Retreats

Each retreat focuses on specific themes related to each of our host countries. Our learning communities merge immersive hands on experiences with personal and social development focusing on global citizenship, cultural sensitivity and developing relationships through exploring ethics and conflict resolution.


Participants both lead and follow in an atmosphere of dynamic co-creation and immersive discovery. Each day builds upon the last, with every exploration leading the group into uncharted directions. However, this is not your typical study abroad program. Project World School utilizes the power of a learning community to produce a project driven by goals, knowledge acquisition, and changes in a global perspective.

A Real World Education

Project World School was born from an inspired idea: co-create temporary learning communities around the world for teens and young adults to collaborate in rich experiential and social learning. During the retreats, both natural and academic learning occurs through immersive cultural experiences while encouraging social learning, teamwork and leadership. Participants create strong connections to other participants, the world around them and community through a rich collaborative environment. Teens who participate are inspired to continue their worldschooling explorations and most return for other retreats.


During the Project World School retreats some form of service or volunteer work is given to our host community in an effort to give thanks and give back. In the past, we have worked with the Pacific Whale Foundation in Ecuador alongside the conservationists, with the Centro Ecologico de Akumal for a day of intensive beach clean up and we even built a bear sanctuary for an endangered anteojo bear in the Peruvian highlands. We have worked with many other environmental and social organizations (and will continue to do so) to do our part in making a better world.

Expanding Worldviews

Worldviews are the framework  through which individuals interpret the world. Many worldviews are collective, shared by groups, nations or specific cultures but there are no blanket worldviews that exist for everyone. As worldschoolers, we learn through the world, inhabited by people with countless worldviews. Many of us include travel as part of our education. Therefore, multiple worldviews influence our experiences and ultimately, our learning. Expanding our worldviews is our vehicle to a more compassionate planet.