Project World School | 5 Day Family Summit Extravaganza
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5 Day Family Summit Extravaganza

5 Day Family Summit Extravaganza

We did it! The Family Summit wrapped up yesterday, and left us all feeling inspired and recharged with passion for our worldschooling missions.

It was full of incredible talks and sessions on subjects from unschooling while worldschooling to Israeli folk dancing. The participants and families attending came from over 12 countries, and each and every person brought with them their joy and passion for what they do. I wasn’t able to attend many sessions, so I’m unable to recount them all in detail to you, but they will be up on Youtube as soon as possible! Our wifi at this Hostel is better than the old apartment, but still not the strongest.

What I can and will talk about in great detail is what I devoted my time during the Summit to. THE KIDS CAMP! Every morning at 10am we would have over 40 children show up eager for games and crafts and community. We played the ever popular game “Poisonous Frog”, we played what felt like at least 50 different variations of tag, we lead a scavenger hunt, we had a piñata AND a birthday, we had a sandcastle making contest and an insane amount of face painting. These were all good and fun, of course, but they weren’t what I’ll be going away remembering. What I’ll be remembering is seeing these kids from all over the world connect and play together. I will remember a little girl coming up to me and trying to learn English while I tried to learn Spanish to communicate about glitter. I’ll remember the kids all teaching each other how Duck Duck Goose is played in each of their countries. We played hard, and all of my insanely awesome volunteers deserve the biggest round of applause ever for playing in the rain, holding sleeping babies for hours, getting kids down from countless trees, and giving their 110% to making this the best possible experience for these children.

I look back on this fantastic gathering and can’t help but see all of the magic in this world and feel just sparkly and so happy inside. I hope to come back next year and see the Summit thrive even more!

And of course, a major huge thank you to everyone that helped make this Summit a success, we couldn’t have done it without you.12669706_1133681409976407_4621685896297237147_n

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