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We are all lost

We are all lost

I have been thinking a lot about heartbreak. Heart break is a saying that is universally known meaning you have experienced a great loss. Because of this loss you find yourself lost and I have been pondering whether this aspect of life is what brings us together because really, heartbreak will feel the same in South Africa as it will in Thailand. Tears are tears, are they not? When we travel sometimes we get caught up in the culture, the religion, anything we can learn about, anything different and new, but what if instead we started looking for what was the same? Would we have a more whole society? We all crave love and cry when it dissolves for me that is enough proof that we are the same. When I think of those around me with this in mind it gives me a new excitement. My blood pumps a little faster when I realize everyone around me has a story, their worst heartbreak hidden just under the surface, and maybe just maybe they would share it with me. Maybe they would ask about mine. Maybe without all these meaningless words, ideals, religion, we could build some bridges across cultures. Build some heart connections through the time zones. When I reinstate this in my everyday life I find myself more present, more loving, more passionate about those around me.

Perhaps instead of being passionate about passion we could start being passionate about people.



  • Andi
    Posted at 02:04h, 12 November Reply

    So appreciate the thoughts and heart behind your words.

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