Project World School | Wales – Construction and Organic Farming – 24 Day Learning Community
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Wales – Construction and Organic Farming – 24 Day Learning Community

Wales Retreat

August 15th – September 7th, 2018

Our 24 day learning community is centered in Wales with an emphasis on exploring sustainable living, earthen construction and farm living. In the amazing countryside we will be able to experience the culture through local storytelling, botany, beekeeping and food foraging. 

The 2018 Wales Retreat is a temporary learning-community, utilizing the landscape and culture of Wales as a means for immersive discovery in botany, folklore, sustainability and construction. Project World School is not a typical study abroad program as it takes advantage of the power of a learning-community to produce collaborative goals, knowledge acquisition, personal development and changes in global perspectives.

Sustainable Living0%
Organic Farming Skills0%
Folklore and Storytelling0%


  • 01 WHEN

    Aug 15th - September 7th 2018

  • 02 WHERE

    Llwyndafydd, Wales & Dublin, Ireland

  • 03 WHO

    8 or more participants (ages 13-25) self-directed learners, unschooolers, homeschoolers & worldschoolers

  • 04 COST

    $4250 USD before February 15th
    $4400 USD after February 15th

  • 05 STATUS

    Open & Accepting Applications



Full accommodation for the duration of the learning community retreat
•  All airport transfers
•  All ground transportation
•  Breakfast, lunch, and dinners during the retreat
•  Entrance fees to all the included attractions
•  All workshops, talks, guided tours, and classes throughout the retreat.
•  Filtered drinking water to refill your water bottles (water bottle not included).
•  Fun!


•  International airfare
•  Laundry
•  Snacks
•  Souvenirs
•  Other personal items
•  Meals on travel days (arrival & departure)
•  International flights from your home country to each retreat location are not included


Most of our meals will be prepared by our team on the farm. Breakfasts will consist of fresh fruit, juice, coffee, eggs, fresh yogurts, cheeses and local breads. Lunches will be a combination of local dishes, salads, bakes and other meals cooked from locally sourced ingredients. Dinners will be self-prepared meals on the farm cooked by our team. We will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s diet restrictions including having vegetarian and gluten-free options. Please indicate any special needs on your application.


During the WalesConstruction and Organic Farming – 27 Day Teen Learning Community, we will stay in a few locations including one hostel in Dublin,  and a farm in rural Wales. Generally, we always occupy dorm rooms (in this case, roundhouses and tepees), so all of our teen participants will be sharing a room at any given time.


Packing List

What to Bring?

You’ll be gone for a month, and for those of you who haven’t traveled for long periods of time, we’ve prepared this list in case you might need some assistance with deciding what you should pack. So here it is, our packing list ‘suggestions‘!  Our recommendation to you is not to over do it. You’ll have to haul everything you pack around initially, and there are weight restrictions through all airlines. Also, keep in mind you will be living in shared space. There will be laundry available, and you will be able to purchase replacement shampoos, lotions, etc. during the trip, so no need to haul around ‘family size’ bottles of anything.

NOTE: Remember the list below is a suggested list! Feel free to modify, based on your own needs. 

Packing List:


1 Long Sleeve Shirt
1 Long pants (I would recommend wearing this on the plane)
4 T-shirts (one should be a formal shirt)
2 bathing suits
3 shorts
1 raincoat
1 sunhat with a brim

personal items / toiletries

tooth paste & toothbrush
shampoo & conditioner
insect repellent
travel towel


small flashlight
mp3 player/iPod
English outlet converter


copy of passport
water bottle
day pack
anything you will need to lead a session
tiny first aid kit
duct tape
laundry bag
small padlock
ATM card
small journal or notepad and pens
musical instrument
costume, wigs, funky hats, etc. (if you are into that sort of thing)
sketch book





Schedule for Wales

Day 1  – Arrive in Dublin International Airport + Spend night in Dublin

Day 2 – Group travels to Wales + Icebreakers

Day 3 – Demo of Roundhouse subflooring + footing + Opening talk about Troed y Rhiw Farm

Day 4 – Build Roundhouse platform + Swimming at Cymtydu Beach

Day 5 – Build Roundhouse platform + Storyteller session

Day 6 – Build Roundhouse walls + Swimming at Cymtydu Beach

Day 7 – Day hike + picnic lunch + Speaker on sustainability

Day 8  – Cheesemaking workshop

Day 9 – Building Roundhouse walls + Swimming at Cymtydu Beach + Storyteller session

Day 10 – Building Roundhouse wall plates

Day 11 – Building roundhouse wall plate + Walk in the woods

Day 12 – Building Roundhouse roof

Day 13 – Building Roundhouse Hazel Web + Storyteller session

Day 14 – Day hike

Day 15– Beekeeping workshop + Swimming at Cymtydu Beach

Day 16 – Building Roundhouse Hazel Web

Day 17 – Building Roundhouse porch extension + Waterfall hike

Day 18 – Building Roundhouse roof cover + Storyteller session

Day 19 – Roundhouse windows and doors + Swimming at Cymtydu Beach

Day 20 — Roundhouse final plastering

Day 21 — Wild Food Foraging Course + Storyteller session

Day 22 — Free day + hike +  Farewell BBQ

Day 23 — Travel back to Dublin + Spend the night in Dublin

Day 24 — Fly home from Dublin International Airport

*Schedule is subject to shift