Project World School | Thailand – 8 Day Mindfulness Add-On
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Thailand – 8 Day Mindfulness Add-On

Join us for an 8 Day Mindfulness Add-On!

01 When

October 28 - November 5

02 Where

Krabi Provence, Thailand

03 Who

Anyone who is enrolled in the Project World School 2017 Thailand Retreat

04 cost

$300 per person based on double occupancy ($150 single room supplement)

Mindful Movement workshop – Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Yoga & Thai Boxing


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being awake and aware to present moment experiences in a non-judgmental manner.  Being more mindful has been shown to:

•  Improve concentration and focus
•  R
educe stress, anxiety and depression
•  I
mprove one’s psychological well-being
•  I
mprove performance of ANY activity

Why is this important?

•  There is arguably no subject that is as important as knowing one’s self and learning what one can do to improve one’s state of happiness.
•  One has the ability to improve one’s level of happiness and psychological well-being. By practicing certain exercises and following certain strategies, this can be done quite easily for most teens.

•  Many teens suffer from a wide range of negative emotions: stress, anxiety, depression and general teenage angst. Mindfulness tools can help.



What makes this program unique and effective?  

•  This program utilizes a wide range of practices: TaiJi, Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung.  We use only those practices that have been proven in scientific studies to raise one’s level of mindfulness and improve well-being.
We understand that different practices work better for different types of people; as well as that some practices have different strengths. Many programs only use sitting and lying meditation for mindfulness training. However, for many active teens, this can be extremely difficult and actually be counter-productive.
We have specifically geared this program for teens. Our practices are formulated for the unique nature of teens psychological and physical needs.
We teach a series of micro-exercises.  All of our exercises can be practiced in 2-5 minutes and are easy to practice daily.

This program is about 80% experiential and 20% discussion and academic. We ‘learn by doing.’ as well as by discussing the science that supports each of these exercise programs, as well as the philosophical and historical origins of each of these ancient practices.  

What's included?

 Includes 8 nights lodging in Krabi


Transfers from the Krabi airport

Mindful movement workshops; Climbing at Chong Pli and one day at Railay

What's not included?

Lunch and Dinner
Afternoon activities/excursions (climbing is free, but massage, diving, cooking, muay thai etc. will be net cost-whatever the Thai company or teacher charges.

Extras, including souvenirs, laundry, sodas, etc.

Is this a Project World School Trip?

No. This trip is being offered by Project World School’s partner and co-facilitator, Michael Weitzman. Michael is a world class climbing instructor, Tai Chi, meditation and yoga teacher. He is also a facilitator during our Project World School retreats.

Michael is leading this mindfulness Add-On as a service to our retreat participants who wish to have an immersive mindfulness experience before our retreat.

Where do I fly into if I wish to participate in the mindfulness add-on?

If you wish to participate in the mindfulness add-on, you will need to fly into Krabi, Thailand, arriving in the morning on October 28th. International flights are routed through many Asian cities. Please contact us if you need suggestions.

You will need to book your return flight to your home country departing from Bangkok on November 26th.

Will there be someone to meet me at the Krabi airport?

Yes, you will be picked up at the Krabi airport, along with the other participants. You will need to book your flight to arrive on October 28th in the morning.

How much should I budget for meals?

Budget $2 – $15 USD per meal

This is an 8 day add-on only available to those attending the Project World School Thailand retreat taking place afterwards. This add-on has a focus on rock climbing, mindfulness and eastern philosophy.

Why are we we offering this special program?

To empower teens to improve their own well-being by learning and practicing a diverse set of self-care exercises.

What will the program consist of?

We will be learning a series of short yet effective exercises from TaiJi, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, and Chi Kung.  In randomized controlled trials (the most rigorous scientific standard), these 4 ancient practices have proven time and time again to be remarkably effective for improving health and well-being.

The one commonality of these 4 ancient practices is their focus on mindfulness. Paying attention, in the present moment; non-judgmentally.


Academically, one will learn:

•  Science – Stress vs. Relaxation response; anatomy and physiology; respiration and how diaphragmatic breathing improves physical and mental health; the neuroscience of meditation
Philosophy, Religion, Psychology: 

The ultimate goal is that one learns to apply mindfulness in one’s daily life; in everyday mundane activities and situations. A great application of mindfulness is using it to make healthier choices regarding one’s eating habits or being more compassionate.

Exercises include:

•  TaiJi:
Chen style Concise Solo Set
Push Hands- 2 Person practice
Sword and Staff Weapon training
Chi Kung: Warm-Up Energizing Set: Swinging, Spiraling and Stretching
Calming Set: Coordinating and Calming the Body, Breath and Mind
Yoga: Vinyasa Flow (Standing), Gentle and Mindful (on the Mat)
Breathwork/Mindfulness Meditation
Lying Down/Supine Position: Deep Relaxation/Body Scan
Sitting Posture: Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness of Breathing


Days 1, 2, 3: Mindful Movement workshop for 2 hours in the morning; late morning/early afternoon personal choice (choose from a wide range of activities and/or learning experiences).

Day 4: Morning at Klong Muang beach

Day 5,6,7: Mindful movement workshop for 2 hours in the morning; optional excursions, activities or classes in the afternoon

Day 8: Spend the day at Pra Nang and Railay beach; option to go through the cave and/or rock climb