Project World School | TEENS: Ideas to Fund the Trip
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TEENS: Ideas to Fund the Trip


We know the costs for these retreats aren’t ‘spare change’ and are aware that you will likely need to raise some money to attend, especially for the teen participants. So we’ve come up with some suggestions for you to consider:

1. Crowd Funding

Utilize one of the crowd funding platforms and create your own personal campaign. This can be a creative and passionate way to solicit support from our global community. Check out or to start off with.

After you create your campaign, utilize all the social media tools available to you such as Facebook and Twitter. If you take this avenue and create an online presence, we ask that you send us a description and links of your fundraising efforts and we’ll post the links on our blog section of the Project World School web site to help you get the word out. Once you’ve set up your campaign, send us your information here.

Check out this great article by Blake Boles to further help you explore this option here.

2. Donations for a Yard Sale

Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives and local business to donate their old clothes, knick nacks, housewares, etc. Offer to clean out their garages, storage units and closets and offer to haul away their unwanted stuff.  Haul it away, straight to your garage… Then host the largest yard sale you neighborhood has ever seen!

3. Part-time Work

We’re certain there is much satisfaction to be gained from finding a ‘formal’ part time job, working for a few months to save money. Taking the “traditional” approach has some benefits, it’s about experiencing the relationship to having a goal, then reaching it. “OK,” you are thinking, “maybe this is for me.”  What are the ways to find traditional work? Check your local stores, restaurants, etc. Look in your own neighborhood, and talk to everyone you have a relationship with: the cashier at your local market, your local cleaners, your neighborhood restaurant that has the best bowl of chili. Find out if any of your friend’s parents own their own businesses. Ask EVERYONE you know whether or not they need a helping hand.

4. Family Sponsorships

Define a clear and passionate description about your desire to attend the Project World School retreat, then present this as a proposal to your  family and community, asking for sponsorships. Be sure to define clearly why you are interested in going and the value you will receive as a result of attending. Sometimes, we have a hard time simply asking and this may be an exercise in just that. Asking for financial support is a lesson you may come across in life or on other occasions and getting past the fear of asking is a huge hurdle for many. If you don’t ask, you will never receive. And if your family is not in the position to offer a sponsorship, you can explore the idea of an interest-free loan that you could make payment arrangements towards.

5. Get Creative with Creative Products & Services

Become an entrepreneur! Get creative about your skills and talents and offer them in exchange for money. Think about starting a cause. Think about selling your art or crafts on Think about  tutoring local kids. Think about selling your old clothes or knick-knacks on ebay. Think about offering house cleaning or organizing services to your family, neighbors and friends. Think about all that you have to offer, and the exchange of energy and creativity for the thing that we call money!

Got other ideas? Send them to us here


So, how much will I need?

The cost of each retreat is different.  You will also need to factor in the cost of international flights from your home country to the retreat location.  Then you will want to budget a minimum of $100 a week in spending money  to cover laundry, snacks, souvenirs, and meals on travel days. Determine your own budget, raise the money, and stick to it!  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do send us a note here. We are glad to help however we can!