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Project World School Family Summit

The Project World School Family Summit is a conference-style gathering for worldschooling, homeschooling,  unschooling families (and those just curious).  Over the last two years, we’ve hosted two immersive hands-on worldschooling summits for almost 500 people. We’ve created the rich opportunity for like minded families to come together with purpose,  empowered within community,  connected through desire to share the world with our children and authentically share our experiences, challenges and successes.



In early 2016, through Project World School, Lainie Liberti hosted the first Project World School Family Summit in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Expecting only 50 people or so, she was surprised by the almost 200 hundred worldschoolers in attendance. Families from many different countries, of all shapes and sizes traveled to Mexico to create community, share ideas, support one another and learn.



In the spring of 2017, we hosted the Project World School Family Summit in Merida, Mexico. We had almost 300 people in attendance. We hosted a series of sessions, presentations, workshops, round-tables and panel discussions. In addition to the sessions, we hosted a lively Kids Camp for the almost 160 children in attendance.

Over the last 8 years, Project World School co-Founder Lainie Liberti has been one of most vocal and visible forces behind growing the worldschooling movement.

Over the years, she’s dedicated much of her time supporting worldschoolers around the world, driving  community through the 27,000 member + worldschoolers facebook group and facilitating online and in real life connections.

Lainie’s main focus has been to find ways to support community so families don’t feel as if they are in a vacuum while embarking on their individual worldschooling journeys. Furthermore, she’s created  a safe container where seasoned and beginning worldschoolers alike can explore issues surrounding family & parenting, education,  travel and health and share their experiences, challenges and triumphs.


Stay tuned, we will announce details about the 2018 Project World School Family Summit soon!

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