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Wales Organic Farm and Its Wonderful Food

So far I’ve talked a lot about what we did in Wales, but not so much about the best part. The food!The outstanding food we had during this retreat was by far my favorite part. We made all kinds of

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Wales Organic Farm and Roundhouse Building retreat Third Post

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of our trip, but don’t worry, there’s still a lot to talk about. The roundhouse is coming along great thanks to everyone’s excellent team work. We had a wonderful session with one

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Wales Organic Farm and Roundhouse Building Retreat Second Post

The start of the retreat was great, but there is so much more to talk about! We got to work on the roundhouse construction beginning with the foundation. Everyone worked together really well. Before we could start laying the floor

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Wales Organic Farm and Roundhouse Building Retreat First Post

Hey. I’m Dylan, I’ve been on 3 retreats before volunteering for the Wales retreat. I was really looking forward to learning more about the farming lifestyle because my family wants to start a homestead. Being a volunteer doesn’t feel much

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Farm Stay in Paruro – Cusco and the Sacred Valley Teen Retreat 2016

Every evening during retreats we pass around a pile of question cards for each participant to answer. Some are philosophical, some are introspective and some are about the activities of the day. On the evening of our last day in Paruro,

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Project World School Interview– Global Learning Outside The Box – With Miro & Lainie

July 25, 2016 Project World School co-founders Lainie and Miro speak with the interview series Leak Project about their unique learning program that involves hands on learning with Travel, instead of the traditional plug and play , one size fits all

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Kids Camp 2017

Hello, for those of you that have been following this blog, you know that for the past six months it has been written by me, Katie, the Project World School intern. I have found so much joy in writing for this

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Cusco and the Sacred Vally 2nd Summary!

The Sacred Valley retreat is nothing short of amazing. After our first week listed in our last post, we continued to adventure and explore throughout the enchanting valley. We started our second week with a traditional andean instrument class. We

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Day of Service at Cochahuasi Sanctuary

Project World School includes at least one volunteer opportunity within each retreat. For the Cusco and the Sacred Valley Retreat this year, we volunteered with Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The sanctuary’s mission is to rescue

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Cusco and the Sacred Valley Retreat First Update!

Wow, time flew. We toured Lima, explored farm life in the Andes and became big fans of Cusco’s cuisine and culture. What a whirlwind! The retreat started in Lima, where we greeted the participants at the airport and made our

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